Eritrea: How do we understand the cross?

Dr. Berhane spent 11 months in prison for his Christian faith and work; he watched friends and fellow prisoners led away to execution. But he also saw God’s hand at work as fellow prisoners accepted the gospel message and turned their hearts toward Christ. Dr. Berhane tells us what God taught him through dark days of suffering and how he prepared himself to face persecution. Finally, he’ll update listeners on the current situation for believers in Eritrea and share specific ways to pray for that African nation.




Remain, prison walls, where you are. We fly toward the Infinite. We can do so because for this we were born.

I don’t accept as my religion anything apart from union between bride and bridegroom. All other religion is fornication, idolatry. I will soar where the Truth, which sages on earth call by different names, is One.

Wurmbrand, Richard (2011-03-09). Alone with God (Kindle Locations 627-628). Living sacrifice Book Company. Kindle Edition.

Richard Wurmbrand was thrown in prison for his faith in Yeshua. For 14 years he remained, suffered, and later in the 90s triumphed over the very things that had been meant for evil.

The USSR fell and the Bible was freely able to move about for a time.

Wrumbrand was the founder of Voice of the Martyrs along with his wife.

They both passed into heaven in 2000, and 2001 but not before seeing fruit of their hard labor.

Prison walls of many types can surround us, for myself it was the prison of cutting.

Beyond that it included eating issues, upper abuse, depression etc.

Now I still struggle against the chains of food as an idol. God will have the final say in this war, as surely as I am breathing and typing this He will win this for me to be another testimony of His goodness.

Recall we don’t only vie with the carnal of this age “but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) places.” Ephesians 6:12

How do we overcome? We are strong with God’s strength. It is only with God that I still fight on, only through Him do I even stand.

I’m amazed by God, and it’s an ever rising cartwheel to the heavenly spaces set before me in the company of my foes.

There is the secret, you spend time with God because of Love for Him and your lamp is filled to overflowing with God and His Love.

You are free to choose to partake and to carve out time, the sacrifice of your time with God. He will take note of your effort and meet you so sweetly.

His fire falls on your accounted time to Him.

Sing oh barren sing, for my Love is in my orchard hemmed in, in the helix of my heart where merely He and I dwell.

Better one day with my Love then countless elsewhere.

Respond to His call, fall in love with the Great I AM, and you will find who you are in Him.


I Charge You.

Don’t forget those that are suffering for their faith in God. This rings in my mind quiet often. Do not forget. I am thankful that I can go to a house of worship without fear of being followed or killed for it. I am thankful that I wasn’t lined up on a beach and executed for being a Christian.

I can’t forget other brother’s and sister’s for we are of the Body of Messiah, we are the Bride He is returning for.

Make no mistake, wherever God has called me I will go. More then likely and lately it’s meant dyeing to what ‘I’ want, and living for what God wills.

That is a kind of martyrdom too, only the intentional denial of self even when self is screaming blood murder.

I urge you fellow readers to come to the One who has open arms and kindness to you. I challenge you readers to stand up for what is right, not to change your moral code based on popular opinion but even in the face of death, you stand firm.

Having done all, stand.

Fight the good fight of faith.


Found Faithful

To live is Christ to die is gain, I leave nothing here to my name.

My wealth kept in stores on high, Memories of God work in life.

Though beaten raw, I love them still.

God’s Care employed within His will.

who will speak for the voiceless

Recently I emailed the white house, I’ve written them as well and gotten a response. The reason I feel compelled to say (in this case type) something is that the fire in my bones won’t allow me to not.

Overseas in mass numbers people are being killed in unspeakable ways. Muslims, Christians, Women, Men, Children burned alive, limbs severed from their bodies for insane reasons, high taxes and or death if there is noncompliance and be-headings in the form of sawing off heads.

I have only seen about 4 years ago one video, and that one was all I needed to see of a beheading as a man screamed while having his spinal chord, voice box and neck sawed into.

After some bile was flushed down my toilet, I saw evil and didn’t want to see or hear of it again. To my shame I have ignored the plight of humans being killed off as it has grown in number sense that time four years ago.

Just because someone has a different faith, or they smoke a cigarette, or they don’t pay their ‘taxes’ etc. This is why they are in great numbers fleeing the hell they live in.

Who will stand up for them even if it costs the life we have? When did ‘Never Again’ become forgotten? It’s only been 70 years and the west is now plugging it’s ears and plugging into an electronic device to drown out the screams of the dyeing.

Shame on us.

VOM Radio: Iraq: Strongholds Being Shaken

Dr. Jason Peters and VOM Radio host Todd Nettleton just returned from meeting Christians and delivering aid in northern Iraq. This week they’ll share about the Christians they met, many of whom have been displaced by the advance of ISIS over the past 18 months.

They’ll also talk about some of the ways VOM is helping these Christians, including the launch of a new effort inviting American believers to prepare a medical first-aid kit to give to these displaced Christians.

They’ll share other ways VOM is helping Christians, and the story of a displaced Christian who is experiencing joy and contentment in spite of living in a tent surrounded by enemies of the gospel.

There is good news coming from the Middle East; we’ll talk about what God is doing in the region, and how longstanding strongholds are being shaken, this week on VOM Radio.

Source: VOM Radio: Iraq: Strongholds Being Shaken

Adonai is always on the move. I listen to this podcast every week to get the positive news behind the news if you will. It’s also good to know how to pray effectively for brothers and sisters of the God of Israel all over the world.


Go Therefore

I want to go, Lord send me…

I have finally found the page for missions I’ve been looking for! So freaking giddy!

I long to go back to China and minister to people there.

My heart aches for the brothers and sisters internationally…

I want to go therefore…

I want to give my life, my all for the Lord…

I want to go to China, I want to send Bibles into restricted nations where His Word is illegal, where God’s Love is dangerously infectious!

I hunger to help other believing brothers and sisters around the world…


An Interjection

Acts of Kindness,

Open eyes of blindness.


A cohort of power,

Civic foul hour.


Party-political opinion,

Lifeblood ideal pinion.


Oh cost, someplace gash?

Oh measure, spiteful lash!


Do they not care?

Do they not dare?


Please, don’t ask of news,

Anarcho-syndicalist red hues.


I standpoint temperance,

Or all at one.


I stand for Nazarene,

And fall for none.

Voice of the Martyrs Radio

The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 promised great things for the Iranian people. The mullahs that took over the nation promised an Islamic paradise on earth. More than 35 years later, Iran’s people have lost hope in their government, and in the religion it upholds. Dr. Hormoz Shariat speaks daily to millions of Iranians through satellite television. He shares the hope of Jesus with a nation that has lost hope in their Islamic government, and he sees great waves of people who have rejected Islam now embracing Jesus, the Savior. This week on VOM Radio, Pastor Hormoz shares exciting things God is doing in Iran and challenges Christians in the United States to be as committed to our God as radical Muslims in the Middle East are committed to theirs.

Source: VOM Radio: 6389