Swan Song of 2021

Mighty brave, might somehow seem,

Of this child’s millstone swing.

Rest today, swept away,

Choking out freedom’s say.

Swung low, kid not mine,

Stinging sweet of hellish grind.

Black and bluish touch to drink,

Keeping bones of rake-hell weep.

At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matthew 18:1-6

-dedicated to the lost children of perdition-

The Valley of Decision

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision (judgment)!
For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision [when judgment is executed]. Joel 3:14 AMP 


The sword passes,

Throughout the land.

Blessings granted,

Torn from hand.


Turn!  Choose life-

Repent of sin!

Walk with God,

Delight in Him!


If you obey,

God will bless.

But He is jealous,

for your best.


He requires,

Heart, soul and mind;

Not ‘your way,’

But, loyal divine.


To obey is better,

then martyrs death.

To Love Him Who,

gives Life Breath.

What goes up comes down, in the same way;

From Pharaoh to Haman, Hitler to Hamas all testify of those empires that afflicted Israel.

Like the law of gravity

And I will bless (do good for, benefit) those who bless you, And I will curse [that is, subject to My wrath and judgment] the one who curses (despises, dishonors, has contempt for) you. And in you all the families (nations) of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

Flip through the annuals of history and you will find this principal to be as true during the time of Pharaoh, Alexander the Great, etc. to present day.

Those that trouble the people of God, do so at their own peril.

Those who bless Israel and the family of God will have the blessings from on high.

who will speak for the voiceless

Recently I emailed the white house, I’ve written them as well and gotten a response. The reason I feel compelled to say (in this case type) something is that the fire in my bones won’t allow me to not.

Overseas in mass numbers people are being killed in unspeakable ways. Muslims, Christians, Women, Men, Children burned alive, limbs severed from their bodies for insane reasons, high taxes and or death if there is noncompliance and be-headings in the form of sawing off heads.

I have only seen about 4 years ago one video, and that one was all I needed to see of a beheading as a man screamed while having his spinal chord, voice box and neck sawed into.

After some bile was flushed down my toilet, I saw evil and didn’t want to see or hear of it again. To my shame I have ignored the plight of humans being killed off as it has grown in number sense that time four years ago.

Just because someone has a different faith, or they smoke a cigarette, or they don’t pay their ‘taxes’ etc. This is why they are in great numbers fleeing the hell they live in.

Who will stand up for them even if it costs the life we have? When did ‘Never Again’ become forgotten? It’s only been 70 years and the west is now plugging it’s ears and plugging into an electronic device to drown out the screams of the dyeing.

Shame on us.

To God Only

Well, I have my voice back and funny enough I want to praise God with renewed vigorous zeal…

Am I a zelout? Yup, I am.

Am I in love with God? You Bet!

Am I a glutton for His presence?  Yes! 

I feel giddy, like a kid with a shiny new twig toy only in the kids eyes it’s a doll…

I love the God who gifted me with writing, with expression, with a voice, with compassion, with courage that only can be explained through and by God.

None of these things I did to earn, I just happen to have them as gifts!

What better way to express my heart to God’s Heart, heart to heart…

Then to use these gifts in silver and gold, and sing with my entire being, write with all that I am, use the wrapped lovelies for the lover of my soul?!

It’s funny that my voice would come back on Friday Shabbat, the sixth day of Hanukkah, and I am so overcome with amazement…

Each day in the quiet (forced due to the lost voice) I ‘was still and knew that He is God’

at one point I couldn’t hear (ear infection) and my eyes had pink eye…

It was misabural, yet in those moments in those days that I was at my physical worst…

I fell in love with God again…

My heart became and is that much more tender and aware…

to not take for granted, sight, hearing, and singing…

And to choose in love for God, to n0t listen to, sing, or see things that are spitting in the face of the One who gives these senses…

Garbage in garbage out is very true.

Thankfulness has been the thing to keep myself afloat…Only when I was weary, at my worst…Physically broken, not singing sucked…

Then the thought of: well what would you sing now if you could Hannah? (to myself I thought, well a freaking angry girl song) eh, not the best use of your voice, though your voice express it in beauty? (no, you’re right God.)

Many inner ‘talks’ with the Father God, and a humbling realization that yes Lord, I will only lift You up…not my issues up, not my gift up in self glorification…

Same with the music, movies etc…I watch and listen to…

So dear readers, in love I type all of this to say…

God is beyond anything I could sing, write, etc…there isn’t an ‘I’ in the story of Yeshua, it is indeed all about, and for Him, my story weaves it’s way into His…

But it makes a beautiful tapestry doesn’t it?  🙂

“If you lift up your voices, and call on the Lord He will come, and the nations will see that salvation comes from Zion.” -Watchmen lyrics from Paul Wilber



The Quran is for violence

OK, well I sat through and have read about half of the 1000 some odd page book…and I can say that this is the dryest read ever...fell asleep to many times to count…

But, the section that got my attention: Al-Anfal aka. spoils of war, booty


PICKTHAL: When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe
stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of
them each finger.

So, if you don’t believe in Islam, your head is lopped off, your fingers are gone as well…oh wait you’re dead…


PICKTHAL: And know that whatever ye take as spoils of war, lo! a fifth thereof is for Allah, and for
the messenger and for the kinsman (who hath need) and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, if ye
believe in Allah and that which We revealed unto Our slave on the Day of Discrimination, the day
when the two armies met. And Allah is Able to do all things.

How kind of Allah to order 1/5th of ‘spoils’ to be given to orphans and the needy…

By this point I’m going ‘wut’ because it made absolutely no sense at all…and none of those who are of the muslim faith follow the above batshit nutty verse ‘conveniently’ forgetting…


PICKTHAL: It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. Ye
desire the lure of this world and Allah desireth (for you) the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise.

Right…so no captives until you freaking kill off an entire village etc…by this point I’m going ‘no wonder the crazy’ it’s dictated in the ‘holy book’

Just some food for thought…or not… :-/

Some Sobering Numbers

Last evening at Shabbat, the premise of the message was convection…It’s not such a bad thing when many who are of faith by default celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Etc. All of which have obvious pagan roots

ever wonder why we place the presents under the tree?

To bow down to it as was done when the children of Israel had household asture poles…

Ever wonder why there is stress during these man made set up holidays?

Oh just, perhaps? leftover residue from a pagan holiday with a ‘christian paint job’ overtop…

Just some sobering food for thought…

I challenge someone to show me Yeshua celebrating Halloween, show me Yeshua dressing up like a demon or a witch for candy.

Show me the scripture of Yeshua celebrating His birth with a decorated pine tree, a yule log, and acquiring credit so He could go into debt purchasing gifts.

Here is a staggering statistic. The 150 million Americans (less than half the population) who celebrate Halloween spent 7 billion dollars this year, that’s right, 7 billion, they spent 40 million buying costumes for their pets.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports over 9 million children under the age of 5 die every year in Africa, 75% of those deaths are preventable.

The cause is lack of basic health care. Malaria is one of the top killers! That’s one child, one baby dying every seventeen minutes because they lacked basic preventative health care.

This staggering number could be almost completely eradicated by a cost of about $5 per child to inoculate and provide basic preventative health care!! For Approx. $45 million dollars America could cut the child/infant death rate in Africa by over 75%, 6,750,000 babies and children could be saved for about the amount of money spent on pet Halloween costumes spent in America.

Shame on every believer who wasted God’s blessings and provision on Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy while their brothers and sisters are dying horrible, preventable deaths!

I won’t even start with Christmas $850 billion this year…

Tell me again that God is pleased with this and that He is being honored!

Eric Clarkson 10/30/15 Shabbat Quote