My Confession

I leave behind the approval of others,
for the approval of God.

I hide my face in His,
I side with Him.

I’ve lost it, here’s the line I’ve crossed it.

I cross over into His insanity and say Goodbye to everything and everyone else.

Goodby mom and dad, friends and former lovers.

I press on to the higher, climb.

I press on and cling to Jesus as a cat clings to their owner, claws in.

I push my way into God nose first, I fight to see Him. I won’t be refused, and I won’t relent for He has proven Himself worthy of my gumption.

Tears and Cocoa 

My love knocked; 

His scent unlocked.

My face He held,

My pain He felled.

The joy set before His Feet;

The tears mix with lovers sweet.

Cocoa sipped, my tongue dipped.

praises to my Lover,

Smooth as butter.

I taste the salt and smile,

He is with me all the while. 

 I have no fear or care 

for You my God are truly rare.

Everlasting is His Love

With joy I spin and whirl with You.
With awe my heart leaps-step two.

I can’t focus on what’s around,
I’m drunk on Your Joyful Sound.

I behold Your Beauty and Your Face,
I sense your Heady Abiding Grace.

I wear your praise-I dance and sing,
I caress the Nape of my Lover King.

Sonnet of the Lord’s Love

She’s floating-in the Lord’s arms now.

She’s so in Love, so lit!

She sees the One’s Eyes of wit.

The crease at the corners because of His Joy.

She sits on His knee,

Planted as a lively tree.

Thinking some fruit’s going to bloom;

Cause her heart enters His room.

She’s in their secret place again,

He beacons and she’s drawn in.

Enclosed Life Rivers flow,

Solely she and God go.

Time adieu’s with tipped hat,

Time a gift, she now knows that.

A heart full, she gladly gives,

For so much now does she live!

Forever Good Paul Wilbur



I must say that this CD is the best that I’ve herd in a long long while. Wow, it’s brought me to tears. Get Paul’s Forever Good today because you will not regret it. It’s 10 songs that are anointed and timely, Love every minute of this.

50 Words of Assurance

Softly in her humming, God tapped her shoulder.
A dreamy and furiously celestial ‘Hi.’
Speechless with delight, a simple nod of affability and reception of a lover.
His presence all around, the heavenly abode.
She recognized and knows who she is in Him.
In Him she is sheltered and assured.

A Glorious Upset

What looks strange, in the midst of the madness there will be power rung by heaven, the heaviness of God poured out ‘upon all flesh’ as it was in Acts, as it said in Joel…For Adonai’s name sake, for everything good and perfect is from the LORD!

For His own sake He will lift those who put their trust in Him, He will lift them up! Vengeance from God takes a form no one sees coming, it always has and always will…

revenge comes in the form of salvation of those who have once persecuted! For how is evil overcome? With good! With the goodness of God! what better revenge on the darkness then to push the gates of hell back with new children of God!

One heck of an upset!

What makes us for a second think that the same Son of Man who overturned the tables when He was here upon the earth, what audacity have we to think that He who overturned tables of the money changers won’t overturn court rulings or turn the world on it’s head for His Glory?!

When Daniel was persecuted, when they brought charges against him for lifting the God of Israel up in prayer, Daniel kept on praying and the jaws of the lions were slam shut because of the angles keeping them shut, but they devoured those that threw Daniel there in the first place.

In Isaiah chapter six verse one:

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted,seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple. Isaiah 6:1 NIV

In that day Egypt and Iraq will be connected by a highway, and the Egyptians and the Iraqis will move freely back and forth between their lands, and they shall worship the same God.  And Israel will be their ally; the three will be together, and Israel will be a blessing to them. For the Lord will bless Egypt and Iraq because of their friendship with Israel. He will say, “Blessed be Egypt, my people; blessed be Iraq, the land I have made; blessed be Israel, my inheritance!” Isaiah 19:23-25 NLV

God will have the final say, God bless your inheritance, God come quickly and Lord I lift my eyes up to You to behold Your Glory, Your Might, Your Peace that passes anything I can grasp and I don’t want it any other way.

Your Way alone Lord God, Your Kingdom Come YOUR WILL be DONE ON Earth as it is in Heaven!

Taste of God

God’s Love has a palate!

It flavors like a chosen fruit, full of zest, range, and syrupiness.

The biting perception of the world, is curved into admiration for God.

His affection has a sensitivity – take and consume of it, party in it, adore it!

The aftertaste of His kind core is outside explanation!

We don’t live and move and have our being in bread only, but in Every Word that originates from the Mouth of God!