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Exemplifies where my headspace/mental state has been (or lost) over the last four hellish years…

All things new

You alone, I behold and see,

You alone set me free.

You above all things sing,

You oh God, breathe life in me!

Greater and better, you’ve waited for.

The fruit of the earth-Your Love adds more!

The Door of Meeting-A Holy Place,

Where I see You, on my face.

Respect and Awe that is due,

To the One who makes all new.

Each sunrise bursts forth with praise,

From heavenly stars, You know by name.

Lovely One

Tussled bed sheets, a smile with praise that drips as honey from my mouth.

Lord most High and Lauded One, most affectionately tender, sweetly bold in Your zeal over my heart.

Your Hands caress my heart, I see in my mind’s eye, You reclining beside me.

I see Your Hands stroke my mouth, ‘sing my darling only songs to Me.’

So envious yet gracious Your Eyes are; They have a Fierce Fire in them and yet in the dark they clear my face.

You are aglow about me.

As written by David: “Let His faithful followers erupt in praise, singing triumphantly wherever they are, even as they lie down for sleep in the evening.” Psalm 149:5

There are not any words to draw the way in which you extract my praise, the way you make love to me, the way you capture and enclose my heart, the way I climax in your Spirit.

As Paul put “he was caught up to heaven and heard things so astounding that they couldn’t be uttered in language, things no earth-born is allowed to express.” 2 Corinthians 12:4

I’ve seen the heavens and the praises of You God lifted high and above, Your trio seats and yet so much more in my mind’s eye.

Indeed, Lord, You are my lover.

My bosom is ruined for You alone.

Everlasting is His Love

With joy I spin and whirl with You.
With awe my heart leaps-step two.

I can’t focus on what’s around,
I’m drunk on Your Joyful Sound.

I behold Your Beauty and Your Face,
I sense your Heady Abiding Grace.

I wear your praise-I dance and sing,
I caress the Nape of my Lover King.

You Alone God

With what speech compares to You?

I AM-The LORD sees through.

Can I describe, the way You Love on me?

Can my lips proclaim, how You set me Free?

I hear the trumpet blast,

Asserting You as First and Last.


1. The upright give without thought of cost,

freely they live reaching the lost.

2. Do justly love mercy and walk humbly before the LORD.

Articulate His Truth, and God’s Light will go forth.

1. Through brokenness and pain, God’s Love shines through.

Choosing to heal, to believe and become new.

2. Disappointment a test a means to see,

if through the fire God appoints me.