He is God


The job that I’d applied for fell through. Months of interviews and hoops jumped through sense November of 2015 to this past month.

Disappointment is bitter, in the case of those that have their hearts set on God it’s bittersweet. 

I sobbed my eyes out-but I didn’t stay there.

I gave the disappointment to God, He knows what He is doing, His Ways are not my ways, His Thoughts are Higher then mine.

I’m finding that isn’t not setbacks that paint the days that we have, but our reactions to set backs.

I was angry, bitter sobs chocking my pillow and crying out to God.

No words were needed.

Why would He lead me that far to allow it to slip away?

So-I gave it to Daddy God.

It’s OK to cry to sob.

But I’m not called to say there, in grief.

My computer stopped working at the same time this was happening.

So I posted from my brother’s ipad some thoughts and reflections regarding what to do from that point forward.

There are worse things that happen, and thank God that He has matured me to the point of handing all things over to Him.

It is well with my soul.

He is God-He is faithful like no other. He is God-I refuse to serve another. He is God-I declare in awe and wonder. He is God.  -Roy Fields Lyrics

A Story of Mercy



Be Still and Know He is God.

This is my May 2013 Testimony before I graduated from Mercy Ministries, Now called Mercy Multiplied. This coming May will be the three year anniversary! Praise God!

As a kid, I felt very misunderstood and misplaced. I befriended others who were considered social outcasts.

Middle school and high school years were difficult, and I began to struggle with borderline anorexia.

When I was 17, I witnessed a shooting while on a mission trip, which was traumatic, but I think I just tried to block it out and go on with life.

During my freshman year of college, I started to self-harm.

During my sophomore year, I was dismissed by the university because of the way I was hurting my body through cutting and abusing diet pills.

When I returned home, I was very bitter and I struggled with binge eating and cutting at an even harsher extent.

At age 21, I attempted to take my life.

 I felt chaotic and aimless.

Thankfully, I didn’t die.

God still had plans for me.

I found out about Mercy through my grandmother who had suggested I read “Echoes of Mercy.”

I decided to apply because I had had enough of the struggle I had been facing and wanted freedom.

While at Mercy, I was set free from self-harm by God, and have learned I am uniquely His.

I also learned to take my thoughts captive and much more.

After Mercy, I plan to return home to live with my parents and get involved in local outreach.

I look forward to going to church and volunteering there.

I would really love to use my musical gifts to exalt God.

I also want to finish school to become a Professor of Biblical Studies.

No words can describe how thankful I am for all the staff has done.

They have shown love and kindness and were so willing to come alongside me to help me through this season in my life.

Choose God, Choose Life

As the days go by we choose how we spend out life breathed time. every human on the face of planet earth…

Each person shows the handwork of God almighty, the heavens declare His Glory…Both those that believe and follow Him and those that choose not to…

The God like ability to be self aware, to reason, to choose…Is a gift every single one of them…

God is simple and yet profound awesome and loving, Holy Awesome and full of a Holy Jealously…There is no high like the Most High 😀

I’m telling you God is so Good! Ask and receive the entirety of who Jesus is who the Holy Spirit is…Out of our belly’s come rivers of living water, that water that Jesus spoke of that was from Him where we wouldn’t thirst nor hunger…

God fixed my car! It needed to be fixed, my father’s inspection wasn’t a big bill!

Praise God!!


If I could pour out the Spirit through this post, through these typed words…Can I just say that God has given me Garments of Praise in exchange for a spirit of heaviness, and Oil of Joy in exchange for a spirit of grief, beauty for ashes!

He moved the mountain of cutting my body to hell!

He saved me!

He is faithful, He is Truth in the flesh!

He is alive and well!

Grab hold of Jesus, He will not let go, even when you yourself want to give up! 

At Day’s End

There will not be a day that Yeshua isn’t by my side.

With my entire being, I worship You God.

You God are faithful when all around is losing it’s head in madness…

I find my center in who you are Jesus, my salvation, my strength, my all…

God clear my mind, have all of my world, make my heart beat in time with Yours…

What is on Your Mind God?

What gives You Joy?

I surrender all, ‘I’ get out of the way, to walk in The Way, The Truth and The Life you’ve breathed into my lungs…

Our Song


Daddy God has put in each a song.

Some sing of despair, some beloved long gone.

We pick the notes and arrange them as such, some too little some too much.

Some indulge desire of flesh, some reel in life regret.

Each a fragment, but valid the same; it’s through flaw, to increase His name.

By being lowly then set free, through His Love as called to be. 

Stop Holding On and Just Be Held


Much thinking about the ‘fear’ of ‘big xyz’ falling where it may and letting the dust settle…Then I remember that I have a hope that isn’t meant to be kept silent or to myself, but shared person to person…

I have done my part and then some as a citizen of the united states IE. writing letters, calling people, being encouraging when I wrote and when I called but also presenting issues and what I believe to be the solution to them and wishing blessing from God onto those I wrote or called…

I still continue to do my part, but often am called ‘higher’ as a citizen of Heaven first and foremost…

Lately I’ve been in a funk, more lethargic then usual and the fight to even get out of bed has been difficult in the last two weeks, and I realize that when the basic things become a fight, that in my own strength I cannot take another step…

But allowing myself to be held by God and let go of the things that I am trying to keep together, but allow them to fall into place in God’s arms…

Isn’t it funny when you make the effort to truly change for the better that the uphill climb and the ‘get up and fight’ some days is just not there…

That lets me know that something is correct and to lean on the Lord even more…

This is a bit of an unguided ramble post and honestly I’ve been out of energy in the last few days…

refreshing comes from God and Him alone, and many days it’s minute by minute…

Let the pieces fall where they may and fall into the bed of grace God has prepared for you,

make time for God and fight for that time because once you get alone with God and even give an effort that is not that much when you don’t have the fight in you, He will lift you up to be refreshed (take as long as you need.)

Prayers for energy to get into God’s presence daily would be greatly appreciated… 

Thank you bloggers 🙂

From the bottom of my being I hope that each one of you find, discover and uncover the God of Israel, come to the knowledge and the Truth of Him who so loves you He gave of His life to totally change radically alter history and radically alter your own future into something that becomes beauty from the ashes you have now…

VOM Radio: Iraq: Strongholds Being Shaken

Dr. Jason Peters and VOM Radio host Todd Nettleton just returned from meeting Christians and delivering aid in northern Iraq. This week they’ll share about the Christians they met, many of whom have been displaced by the advance of ISIS over the past 18 months.

They’ll also talk about some of the ways VOM is helping these Christians, including the launch of a new effort inviting American believers to prepare a medical first-aid kit to give to these displaced Christians.

They’ll share other ways VOM is helping Christians, and the story of a displaced Christian who is experiencing joy and contentment in spite of living in a tent surrounded by enemies of the gospel.

There is good news coming from the Middle East; we’ll talk about what God is doing in the region, and how longstanding strongholds are being shaken, this week on VOM Radio.

Source: VOM Radio: Iraq: Strongholds Being Shaken

Adonai is always on the move. I listen to this podcast every week to get the positive news behind the news if you will. It’s also good to know how to pray effectively for brothers and sisters of the God of Israel all over the world.


Free Indeed

God broke through,

When all looked done.


He has won.

Caged heart,

Often pierced.

Wept aloud,

His love proved fierce.

God saves,

From my own dark.

My ears strain,

To hear His Heart.

God is God and I am Not

A great many things wonder through my mind of the happenings that are going on…but my Savior King gently turns my attention back to His Beauty…

I was callous to this leading at one time, but the more time I spent in the presence of Yeshua, just worshiping Him, not admiring others that do this but myself actually carving out time for God to listen to His heart…

Getting into His word, not just inspired devotionals but, God’s Word…

For example: a through the year reading plan of some sort even if just one chapter of said readings and asking God to highlight one scripture you as His child would be surprised how the Holy Spirit will do just that…

You’ll remember the one thing for that day, I recommend you bring a pen and pad so you can write out what the Spirit leads, SOAP is a method I use…

Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer…all three written down in long hand even if each part is written down at different moments of the day, the times or time of day that you are at your most productive and awake, give Him that time even if it’s just ten devoted minutes…

Even chunks of ‘good time’ you will start to think, act and sound like Jesus and those times whenever they are, you as His child will develop an excitement and hunger to spend time with your heavenly Dad!