An Explosive God (in a good way)

I love this song!

I love the way God has captured Paul’s heart with the lyrics within, it just screams ‘God I love you!’¬†

One day I’m going to sing this song, cover it if you will. I love singing to God, praises to Him, just loving on Him at His feet. There really isn’t any better place to be then at God’s feet.

Praise report: God is helping me come off and transition onto my new anti-depressant! that is a huge deal, I’ve been taking this stuff for 7 years, It’s a miracle!

A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being.

The supernatural being of ADONAI has also healed the bunion in my left foot!

God is just too good beyond words, beyond anything I could type out.

The only thing I think of is: ‘They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, even unto death’

God is very much alive and active, and very much is still healing! Praise God! I love Him just I feel as though I could just explode with praise or something… ūüėõ

Hope this blesses you all.

Touchy Subject

By: Ezekiel Azonwn

So, when was the last time you masturbated?

I’m sorry, was that too forward?

Well let me rewind, or would you rather I ignore what causes you to re- Play what you thought you had stopped?

But just paused?

Let’s see so; If sin is recorded in your heart, how can you not go back to something that you miss?

TV on I was never any good at math.  But, 11 years old plus church bathroom should have never equal stimulating myself for the first time.

And that first time turned into anytime I had a free hand.

This five-finger discount, had me jacking myself off my integrity.

But my heart was still so I’d steal.

Still I’m guessing; this felony armed robbery never convicted me I was made;

in the image of God.

But often played the role of a foolish squirrel.

The way I would abandon the acorn tree of life, And without intervention would have chased B single nut down to hell.

But I thought marriage would cure me; instead it caused clarity to hatch from my eyelids.

Just, so I’d know how sore of a sight I was to see,

Now it makes sense; why jeweler specialize in boxing rings.

Yeah them things are made circular;  I know why now once you get in that ring;

Once you get in that ring, you will go rounds.

Fighting impatience, loneliness and lack of self-control.

Satan, will always try to make you skip thanksgiving dinner;

¬†For a .50¬Ę bag of hot Cheetos.

Yeah, I could call out the ladies

But their ring tones are usually on denial.

But shh maybe y’all could hear me better.

Once you put your vibrators on silent.

If you’re single Your body is for God.

If you’re married, ¬†It’s for your husband to share.

But temples can easily turn playgrounds; when toys interfere your discipline can erode.

If you keep unwrapping your gift improperly,

Even your hands can become trespassers.

Until what used to be private areas, now becomes public property.

No wonder your punctuation to sermon is off. Side-way smiles, got you open like one parentheses.

So much so that you forget.

To pause, like a comma,

When it tries to make it a point.

To get under your curves without popping the question first.

But hey, what’s the big deal?

Everybody does it anyway right?

Like, 50% of christian men, admit to have indulged recently.

1 out of 5 women admit to doing it weekly.

And these are just those who had the guts.

To admit it. But the reality is,

These numbers are probably higher;

And will only increase.

So, on which side of these stats will you choose to be?

But, let’s get biblical,

No-one could really find a place in the scriptures,

That speaks directly against it.

But I don’t recall parents carrying signs that say, ‘Don’t kidnap my children.’

You simply know this, because you understand the love of a parent.

What more the love of a jealous God!

I’m not lying see, ¬†Masturbation is one of the few acts,

You can break all of the 10 commandments at one time

Check it!

1. Thou shall have any other gods before Me.

When your need to please you, proceeds your need to please Him; You have voted yourself an idol.  Without Ryan or Simon.

2. Thou shall not worship created images.

Now let’s be honest, you get creative when you get into it.

For instance, the figures you paint in the top of your dome, ¬†Like the Sistine chapel, you become a modern-day Michael Angelo, Forcing your body to praise the gallery of your imaginations. Until, every sensation sings ‘How great thou art.’

3. Thou shall not misuse the Lord’s name.

 Well you call yourself CHRISTIAN?!  Yet consistently practice this sin, so what more can I say?

4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy.

¬†Well that’s broken, because instead of taking time off of your work in sin to rest in Him; You keep clocking in and restlessly ¬†work to acknowledge you seeking pay days in the format of an orgasm.

5. Honor thy mother and thy father.

You’ve dishonored them,¬†because you’ve negated the design of the function.

That birth you. You get caught with the idea And engage in the act.

So when you marry the sin, why do you wanna divorce the consequences?

6. Thou shall not murder.

Every-time you fall away into this trap,  And constantly attempt to come back

He will accept you.

But, in the process you have trampled God’s grace Spit in His face.

And yes, crucify His Son again and again.

7. Thou shall not commit adultery.

Well your body is God’s and not yours Now, what do you think you do When you’re having sex with someone that does not belong to you? You.

8. Thou shall not steal.

Every time you try to satisfy yourself¬† You’re robbing God of an opportunity¬† To satisfy you the right way, completely.

9. Thou shall not lie.

Well you are You’re lying to your body by your actions Telling it that you have power in your hand to make you happy And that somewhere along the line God made a mistake Now is it just me or does that Sorta Sound Similar to the Statements of a Snake

10. Thou shall not covet.

But, like I said before Your body is not yours.

But, we will always, error until you recognize.

They’re goodies, But not your goodies;

And having sex with yourself, is beyond covetous or dishonorable;

It’s called same-sex relations.

Which according to scriptures is abominable.

Now, masturbation is not just a sin, it reflects the core of all sin.

But we never think about the see, When we see the fruit.

Like we always see the iniquity, but ignore the root the evil, Stems from our heart.

It’s who we are our nature Lust to please ourselves;

Even at the expense of our own soul.

So, no matter what time of the year,

It gets cold When our (winter) sin springs,

Summer falls for seasons like Winter, sends spring Summer fall four seasons.

It can take years;

To recover from a one night stand.

As if your legs were holding your last chance up In a glass cup.

I know, it’s a touchy subject;

And the struggle is a beast.

But, He sees your storm.

So when you mutate your relationship,

You can’t go back to your ex-man.

It’s not just about avoiding sin.

It’s about setting your affections on Him.

Re-focusing your desires on the source of fulfillment.

For the pleasure He provides is not easy to come-by (cum by.)

Like a marathon that end,

Humility, it will never run dry.

Let your heart be His slave And His presence be your Pharo.

So, even if your flesh decides to rise;

Like Moses, I know that He will never let His people go.

And although there are many that be feeling;

For that feeling. in the end You’re a filling will never fill in;

For fulfillment when it ends.

See our souls weren’t designed with this God shaped hole,

just so we know how empty feels.

No our souls were designed;

For God to make whole.

Just so we know, How empty is filled.