To the song of all songs 

I fall asleep inside Your shade, 

Within in the arms of Yud Ha Vey.

Days and nights alike to You,

With each You paint the time anew.

Your glory falls and I sink in,

Plush inside and without end.

Endless thanks from my lips,

Kisses from the heavens drip.

New Picture, and News


Let’s hear it for short hair in this freaking heat!

I will be having my gallbladder taken out this coming Monday the 25th of July.  After about 8 weeks or two months I will then be having my gastric sleeve. Love the surgeon I have, she will not do both the sleeve and the gallbladder at the same time. To me it speaks to her character and care as a surgeon and I feel very confidant going under the knife with her. Plus as I’ve mentioned in other posts I’ve gotten to know the weight loss clinic staff for over 8 months now.

I’ll be recovering the first week or so with just liquids and no fat. Those of you that have had your gallbladder taken out you know what I’m talking about.

Exercise has been minimal for a few reasons. Firstly, I have not wanted to aggravate the mussels that are now healed from the spasms. They hurt like all get out. Walking has been the go to, or workout DVD’s in doors. I’ve put my gym membership on hold until October 2016 due to both of the surgeries and healing up.

When I finally gradually do start going back to the gym I am investing in two or three personal trainer sessions. I’m not sure what I did to pull something in my buttock and lower back but best to avoid it in the future.

It’ll be a good while before I start lifting weights again post op. I’ll be starting slowly I imagine and listening to my body etc.

If I do plan on walking outside it’ll have to be at freaking 5 am… :-/

I deep cleaned my room this afternoon, pain in the rear but all the dog hair, human hair dust etc. is now gone and I can just chill in my room while I heal up.

Tired Eyes

Just a few pictures of my sleepy mug first thing in the morning :p


Yup just woke up at about 8 am.


Unbrushed hair, eh it’s OK.


My eyes crinkle when I smile big, we all have our quirks.


Listening to worship music. God is good.

He is God


The job that I’d applied for fell through. Months of interviews and hoops jumped through sense November of 2015 to this past month.

Disappointment is bitter, in the case of those that have their hearts set on God it’s bittersweet. 

I sobbed my eyes out-but I didn’t stay there.

I gave the disappointment to God, He knows what He is doing, His Ways are not my ways, His Thoughts are Higher then mine.

I’m finding that isn’t not setbacks that paint the days that we have, but our reactions to set backs.

I was angry, bitter sobs chocking my pillow and crying out to God.

No words were needed.

Why would He lead me that far to allow it to slip away?

So-I gave it to Daddy God.

It’s OK to cry to sob.

But I’m not called to say there, in grief.

My computer stopped working at the same time this was happening.

So I posted from my brother’s ipad some thoughts and reflections regarding what to do from that point forward.

There are worse things that happen, and thank God that He has matured me to the point of handing all things over to Him.

It is well with my soul.

He is God-He is faithful like no other. He is God-I refuse to serve another. He is God-I declare in awe and wonder. He is God.  -Roy Fields Lyrics

Tattoo Tears (Picture Set)



Then leave me in the rain,
Wait until my clothes cling to my frame.*

IMG_3937It’s different now;
Eyes burnt out.*

IMG_3932Wipe away your tear stains,
Thought you said you didn’t feel pain.*

IMG_3944Dry your smoke-stung eyes,
so you can see the light.*

Lyrics from various Daughter songs.* 

unbrushed and undone

Took some pictures of my air dried un-brushed hair self, and my new nail color. 😀 Thank you to those who prayed today! It meant a bunch. Less in a funk the trunk mood now, and more mellow. 


Cheeky Smile here.


The more ‘somber’ look or something. 


getting my nails done is a way I treat myself and it keeps me from biting my cuticles! 


I swear by Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Slather this stuff on and it’s so much better then lotion!


Thumbs up for healed cuticles and a great manicure!