You’re Asking

And during the wars, we decided dancing was the better escape then victory on some unknown field.

A world war prior trenches were made consumption overtook us, and we lost our step, our rhythm was off, a march of hile Hitlers instead of passionate one two three fours.

Snapped turned into a world war two fiaschi famengo dance.

Bodies line the streets, these that once passon sucked out of them.

Red lipstick is a females war paint. Beware her charms and her bite.

A painted face can call to righteous war, or can be a seductive blush, red herring.

Meant to draw others into war drum wake.

I dream in black and white, colors are plush and rare in the landscape of my mind.

I see a scarlet chid’s coat, I see painted white ‘keep out’ signs. ‘No Nazeratiens allowed’ ‘Irish need not apply’ ‘Keine Juden erlaubt’ 

For we are just strangers passing through this hell hole. Our home now is in heaven.

We are to Love what God Loves and hate what He hates.

God hates sin, God aphours the proud but gives grace to the humble.

God is oh so very loving God isn’t pigged sloppy grace that is peddled by many behind pulpits.

God is love, He’s also Just. God will return again with a rod of iron and the government shall indeed be upon His Shoulders.

Rulers will crawl to His throne, nations will fall under Him, they will be to give homage to the God of Abraham, Israel, and Jacob.

He is the Son of David, the LION of the tribe of Juda.

He Rores as a procession before His return.

He will make all things right, He will open the books and The Ancient of Days will take a seat on His judicial bench.

Those of us who are His children will have what we’ve done put through the mercy seat fire.

All mankind, women, men young and old slave and free alike have a Devine Court Date with The Almighty.

What will your answer be?

God Defines Me

There is a keeping of faith brothers who dwell together, one runs his course and passes off his baton off to the next runner. I was at a memorial service today and it was such a lovely thing to see a faithful life live and now to be known as he is known.

The biggest lie is that servant-hood is slavery. No, in service comes great joy which reaches deeper than feelings. Joy is shut up in the bones of those whom God has kissed.

Our life kiss back to Him is to tell upon the mountains the wonderful things He has done for us and the things freedom cannot help but express.

Even when nothing is said, light shines through and bears witness of God’s Love.

The plural many-sided God trumps the dull singleness of sin.

A life freed from the grave is worth more than gold. As a brand plucked from the fire is one on fire for the Lord.

All will come to see one soul passionately ablaze for God.

This Love is beyond written description and deepens with Him as a time to maturity for resurrected bodies merge with our souls in the age to come.

The reason beauty is worshiped is that human hearts long for that eternal beauty that crown of life awarded to those who run their race well.

The single lopsidedness and ‘depth’ of sin leads to death, hell and the grave.

Whom a person serves before they die, they shall serve eternally.

I personally know the struggle of the flesh and what it wants daily as Paul said ‘I’ die what I want I overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony and don’t love my life to death.

What I want is daily nailed to that execution stake, I don’t turn my hand back and away from the plow that the Lord has for me but I press up and onward to the higher calling.

I challenge fellow servants, repent, repent; turn from your evil ways and turn to the God who just longs to love on you.

I guarantee you will be persecuted by forces that seek your elimination. But, greater is He in me than the enemy of this world system.

One repents as a lifestyle, as a life choice.

I refuse the allow labels placed on me to shape me. God defines me, He leads me. He rescues me. I breathe in His name and breath out praises to Him.

Sometimes only I can say ‘help God’ and I am enough and accepted by Him, I accept me. What others think doesn’t rock my world, only Yeshua has my heart rock solid on fire for Him.

The Valley of Decision

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision (judgment)!
For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision [when judgment is executed]. Joel 3:14 AMP 


The sword passes,

Throughout the land.

Blessings granted,

Torn from hand.


Turn!  Choose life-

Repent of sin!

Walk with God,

Delight in Him!


If you obey,

God will bless.

But He is jealous,

for your best.


He requires,

Heart, soul and mind;

Not ‘your way,’

But, loyal divine.


To obey is better,

then martyrs death.

To Love Him Who,

gives Life Breath.

50 Words of Assurance

Softly in her humming, God tapped her shoulder.
A dreamy and furiously celestial ‘Hi.’
Speechless with delight, a simple nod of affability and reception of a lover.
His presence all around, the heavenly abode.
She recognized and knows who she is in Him.
In Him she is sheltered and assured.

Choose God, Choose Life

As the days go by we choose how we spend out life breathed time. every human on the face of planet earth…

Each person shows the handwork of God almighty, the heavens declare His Glory…Both those that believe and follow Him and those that choose not to…

The God like ability to be self aware, to reason, to choose…Is a gift every single one of them…

God is simple and yet profound awesome and loving, Holy Awesome and full of a Holy Jealously…There is no high like the Most High 😀

I’m telling you God is so Good! Ask and receive the entirety of who Jesus is who the Holy Spirit is…Out of our belly’s come rivers of living water, that water that Jesus spoke of that was from Him where we wouldn’t thirst nor hunger…

God fixed my car! It needed to be fixed, my father’s inspection wasn’t a big bill!

Praise God!!


If I could pour out the Spirit through this post, through these typed words…Can I just say that God has given me Garments of Praise in exchange for a spirit of heaviness, and Oil of Joy in exchange for a spirit of grief, beauty for ashes!

He moved the mountain of cutting my body to hell!

He saved me!

He is faithful, He is Truth in the flesh!

He is alive and well!

Grab hold of Jesus, He will not let go, even when you yourself want to give up! 

To God Only

Well, I have my voice back and funny enough I want to praise God with renewed vigorous zeal…

Am I a zelout? Yup, I am.

Am I in love with God? You Bet!

Am I a glutton for His presence?  Yes! 

I feel giddy, like a kid with a shiny new twig toy only in the kids eyes it’s a doll…

I love the God who gifted me with writing, with expression, with a voice, with compassion, with courage that only can be explained through and by God.

None of these things I did to earn, I just happen to have them as gifts!

What better way to express my heart to God’s Heart, heart to heart…

Then to use these gifts in silver and gold, and sing with my entire being, write with all that I am, use the wrapped lovelies for the lover of my soul?!

It’s funny that my voice would come back on Friday Shabbat, the sixth day of Hanukkah, and I am so overcome with amazement…

Each day in the quiet (forced due to the lost voice) I ‘was still and knew that He is God’

at one point I couldn’t hear (ear infection) and my eyes had pink eye…

It was misabural, yet in those moments in those days that I was at my physical worst…

I fell in love with God again…

My heart became and is that much more tender and aware…

to not take for granted, sight, hearing, and singing…

And to choose in love for God, to n0t listen to, sing, or see things that are spitting in the face of the One who gives these senses…

Garbage in garbage out is very true.

Thankfulness has been the thing to keep myself afloat…Only when I was weary, at my worst…Physically broken, not singing sucked…

Then the thought of: well what would you sing now if you could Hannah? (to myself I thought, well a freaking angry girl song) eh, not the best use of your voice, though your voice express it in beauty? (no, you’re right God.)

Many inner ‘talks’ with the Father God, and a humbling realization that yes Lord, I will only lift You up…not my issues up, not my gift up in self glorification…

Same with the music, movies etc…I watch and listen to…

So dear readers, in love I type all of this to say…

God is beyond anything I could sing, write, etc…there isn’t an ‘I’ in the story of Yeshua, it is indeed all about, and for Him, my story weaves it’s way into His…

But it makes a beautiful tapestry doesn’t it?  🙂

“If you lift up your voices, and call on the Lord He will come, and the nations will see that salvation comes from Zion.” -Watchmen lyrics from Paul Wilber



A Call to Anguish (David Wilkerson)

“…where what you saw and heard of the ruin that drove you down to your knees, took you down into the baptism of anguish where you began to pray and seek God…There is going to be no renewal, no revival, no awakening, until we are willing to let Him break us…”

“Folks, it’s getting late, it’s getting serious.” 

God is God and I am Not

A great many things wonder through my mind of the happenings that are going on…but my Savior King gently turns my attention back to His Beauty…

I was callous to this leading at one time, but the more time I spent in the presence of Yeshua, just worshiping Him, not admiring others that do this but myself actually carving out time for God to listen to His heart…

Getting into His word, not just inspired devotionals but, God’s Word…

For example: a through the year reading plan of some sort even if just one chapter of said readings and asking God to highlight one scripture you as His child would be surprised how the Holy Spirit will do just that…

You’ll remember the one thing for that day, I recommend you bring a pen and pad so you can write out what the Spirit leads, SOAP is a method I use…

Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer…all three written down in long hand even if each part is written down at different moments of the day, the times or time of day that you are at your most productive and awake, give Him that time even if it’s just ten devoted minutes…

Even chunks of ‘good time’ you will start to think, act and sound like Jesus and those times whenever they are, you as His child will develop an excitement and hunger to spend time with your heavenly Dad!

God is Calling, Will You Listen?

My Love calls over His Holy Hills, He is up from His Holy Home to greet those who seek the treasures He lavishes on those that have the nerve to ask…

Dad, Father Above, Absence of Conflict, Lord of all things good, Father of lights; I love you so much, but you so much more…

I become misty eyed over your tenderness, over your goodness…This gift is too precious to keep but must be given away, just as you gave it all away to gain it all because of the ‘Joy set before You.’

Oh heavenly Father, from the first breath to the final; you hear my cries, needs, you tenderly watch over me…I lift my eyes to the maker of the Heavens and the keeper of my heart…My love, my loverI am full to overflowing, your mercy is new and reborn again with every cresting sun rise…

You paint the sky’s with  your mercy, with your brilliance…be it the night star showers, red moons of wonder or the clouds with the heaven’s azure sunflower floorboards!

Words cannot describe how great and wonderful you are…I want to share this Love with others and don’t care if I look a fool for doing so in my zeal for You Lord! 

Adonai is Good!