Daughter-don’t you know;

That’s His Broken Chest?

Beloved-don’t let go,

Enter His rest.

My Son, My Son,

Your being it aches,

My Bride, My Bride,

Be still and wait.

Broken hearts-each God hears.

Broken harps-hung up in fear.

Personal Play List

The first track is a mix of a recent Mercy Multiplied podcast description of Self Harm, with a fade out to a cover of Elliott Smith’s ‘See You Later.’ The Second track is Bear’s Den ‘Stubborn Beast.’

Third track is Elliott Smith’s ‘Between the Bars’ Orchestral. The fourth track is a live recording of Daughter’s ‘Smother.’ ¬†Fifth track is a cover of Tori Amos ‘Concertina’ by myself on the guitar.

Track six is Elliott Smith’s lesser known song ‘Melodic Noise.’

The seventh track is Bethel Music’s instrumental of ‘Seas of Crimson.’

The eighth¬†and final track is Amanda Cook’s ‘The Voyage’ to close out the entire musical idea of this personal play list.