How Wide is Your Love?

Thank you so much, Lord. Help me keep a spirit and outlook of praise while my dad plays the news 24/7. Father God, I choose to bless my dad and encourage his heart. Help me God, I’m trying to maintain a heart of thankfulness and praise amid the pain.

I hear Your heart Hannah, I will help you. I love you so much. Shine My Peace that passes earthly understanding. Your soul needs Me, come into My Rest, Into my Peace. Take upon yourself my yoke which is light, and not burdensome.

How will they know My Children?

God quietly whispers this question to the Hearts of those who will listen and obey.

My heart is breaking as I remember how it used to be: I walked among the crowds of worshipers, leading a great procession to the House of Jesus, singing and giving thanks amid the sound of a great celebration! Psalms 42:4

Sonnet of the Lord’s Love

She’s floating-in the Lord’s arms now.

She’s so in Love, so lit!

She sees the One’s Eyes of wit.

The crease at the corners because of His Joy.

She sits on His knee,

Planted as a lively tree.

Thinking some fruit’s going to bloom;

Cause her heart enters His room.

She’s in their secret place again,

He beacons and she’s drawn in.

Enclosed Life Rivers flow,

Solely she and God go.

Time adieu’s with tipped hat,

Time a gift, she now knows that.

A heart full, she gladly gives,

For so much now does she live!

New Song Number One

A golden bowl fills your house, a new song falls from my lips. Newness as the budding of Aaron’s rod, indeed God You-all seven of your three in One, point to the nations you crafted in Your Hands!

Oh Father! How endless is Your spender! How bottomless is Your Love!

Words I can’t frame within my being emit Your Name. You know me, You see me. You Yourself groaned in Your Spirit.

You constantly contended and plead. Indeed You desire to gather Jerusalem together to gather all humans in truth and love.

I don’t know the next step; but I know I cling to Your robes God. I cry into Your Neck. I am cradled by You in my minds eye.

I know that I know You are for me, You love me, and hear me as I hear You. I love You Papa God.

Knitting and Updates

I’ve learned how to knit, finally! 😀 Now my hands can stay busy and not pick my cuticles and also keep away from bored eating etc.

I joined a local knitting group called Coffee and Crochet these ladies rock! 

I’ve decided to hold off on the gastric sleeve for a couple of reasons. First, this gallbladder surgery I had about three weeks ago was in itself a reset of my entire system to be honest. I’ve had to gradually eat things due to it just hurting if I am mindless and eat too fast. Also, I’ve picked up great habits from the seven months pre surgery period.

I no longer drink carbonated anything, period. Secondly, I no longer ‘have’ to have coffee I can go with it, or without it. Those two things alone are just huge for me.

Lift me up in prayer with the night-time eating, one day at a time. I’m crossing off the days I don’t eat at night and circling days that I do. I printed out a monthly calendar for the rest of the year just for this habit I am working on establishing.

It’s through much help from God, tears and praying getting back up and knowing that the next moment I choose to keep going.

I believe that I can lose 100 pounds that is on my frame. I know that I have mussel now from the weight lifting. I will be taking TRX classes at the gym which is a suspension that uses your own body weight.

Once I am down about 30 or so pounds I will start-up with the plate weights again. I am learning to listen to my body. I’m starting from square one again but this time with more knowledge and experience.

I’ve slowly added more time to my cardio be it walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical machine. I can tell when it’s too much because my side will start screaming at me (where one of my 4 incisions was.) Pretty good duh dummy indicator! :p

There isn’t a time line for the fat loss, I’m going slow and stopping when things hurt. It’s also helping in other areas of my life as well.

I’m in the 250’s haven’t been there in 3 years. 10 pounds at a time, and a body size that glorifies God is the one I want to be at.

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to that point, meantime God’s got my back.

God’s Move, Not Mine

My Daughter,

When you’re in trouble, you may have no idea what to do. In such times, I need you to do nothing but be still and let me fight whatever battle you are facing. I know it’s difficult for you to remain at rest when you want to act or when you feel anxious. However, if you react based on what you feel, you will lose. When you can’t calm down, call to Me and I will soothe your fearful heart. You may not see the storm on the outside coming to an end, but the storm inside your soul will end in My presence. I can give you the peace that passes all understanding as I work on your behalf. Simply wait in a quiet place under My wing. Hear Me whisper even now: “Be still and know that I am the God who has taken control of what you cannot.”

Your King

His Princess Everyday Sheri Rose Shepard

Be still, and know that He is God! Psalm 46:10

My Soul Longs

Your Heart turns over,

Your sympathy extends.

Your North Wind opens,

Your Wings sing me in.

Thank You God;

Your Heartbeat I feel.

Your Grip is snug,

Your Touch I steal.

Written this morning 7/19/16


I’ve been through the grief of losing my dog piled on-top of recent events etc. and just it’s been heavy.

God’s got me, He sews  me into His Side beneath His Wings.

Real life pain, God carrying me through this valley until I dance on the high places with hinds feet.

I earnestly long for others would take the time to spend with the Lord.

I want to share the Love He gives away so freely.

But we have choice, dear readers I encourage you to seek the Lord. He said ‘blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.’

It’s true, call upon the Lord from the depths of who you are.

These are not just poetic words, I type with a bitter sweet ache and tears of grief and yet a knowing that Daddy’s got me.