Come and Rest Here? When Do I Breath Out?

9/18/2022 The Course of Events That Took Place Over the Last Two Weeks

On 8/19/2022 I was on the weight loss app “Lose It” via Private Message an individual said,; and I quote: “What’s up shorty?” I preceded to tell this person that on Friday night service at church I would bathroom and become so anxious that I would slash myself or I’d curl myself into the women’s bathroom until service was finished as I rocked back fourth on a toilet seat weeping into paper towelette in order to muffle the sounds of my sobbing.

I proceeded to to tell this individual that 20 pills would tie me over on Friday night sermons and remain calm enough to addend and commune with fellow congregates, Sense 2020 I have had deteriorating mental health, anxiety and acute depression.

I sternly asked this individual not contact me again, and then blocked them. I don’t know how they found my address. I was asked if I “needed something to feel less stressed out at church on Friday night to which I said: “Yes, I do. It would help me deal with the very intense anxiety that I experience when I do go.”

I notated that on 8/26/2022 there was a black luxury car perhaps a Mitsubishi? When the drivers side was briefly opened I saw two individuals, I wasn’t sure of the race of the diver. The man on the passenger side was a black individual took a package to the front porch of the house; and hurriedly left a brown package from his trunk and placed it on my front porch.

The windows of the car very were darkly tinted. I didn’t get the licensee place number of the automobile. There were two individuals in the I noted inside the vehicle. There was a nondescript package that was quickly dropped off on my front porch. They then proceeded to speed away.

8/27-8/28 2022, I proceeded to fill two bottles of 0.5 Clozapine in order to avoid autistic stemming, such as banging my head against a wall before church, or cutting myself before I walk into church. I took this in order to be lucid enough to enjoy and fellowship without the worry of my “issues.”

Friday July 1, 2022, I ended up cutting myself in the church parking lot before I wept into service. The Rabbi’s team called 911 and the EMT’s showed up and took me to the ER that night. There were two women from church who stayed for a while to make sure I was OK and shortly there after I was released.

Out of shame, I have not been back to Friday night service, because I’m mortified by the many people that I’ve come to know over the past 10 years; Some of which unfortunately, have passed away, and this has only added to the above mentioned issues.

I was raped by these vile people and filed a police today on 9/9/2022 and no one took me seriously. It’s why I keep my hair short.

I am submitting the information as I recall it.

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