Giving Thanks 🙏🏻

‘tis the season to take care of what you have and be thankful for what you do have.

I have a roof over my head and I have clothes on my back. I have a working vehicle that I own and I’m working on paying it off. I have a phone that “halfway”works, but that’s OK because it still works and I’m not upgrading to the latest and greatest.

Unfortunately, I’ve found few are interested in helping say less hiring anyone that is autistic.

I’ve tried for 5 years had many honest “Burger flipping jobs” “cleaning toilets” etc. Now however, I’m “required” to get the clot shot if I want to be employed in anything.

I’ve tried religious exemption that hasn’t been honored. But, it’s OK I’m trying to keep my head up. 😇 🙏🏻

I think the scars that are on my arms from past and current self-injury (cutting dealing with stress and autism) scare people. This saddens me. I’m a kind, hard working, 38 year old woman struggling yes, but still trying to “make it happen.”

Love 💗 my neighbors, I just wish the same kindness was extended to one another and least of all me.

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