My Heart ❤️‍🩹 Hurts

I don’t want to argue, I’m tired of justifying myself. I as a female with high functioning autism LOVE where I live, the city/suburb I’m in and wouldn’t change it for the world. The absolute last thing I’ve ever seen is skin color, orientation etc. It angers me frankly that ‘the devils that are’ on both sides regardless of liberal or conservative both sides are playing the blame game NO ONE very few are able to come to the table of reason and freaking talk. 


I say this as an observation the liberal side has gone so left they are now headed to the conservative side aka. those that were classical liberals classic feminist’s etc. no longer are represented, homsexuals that are moderate keep quiet classic Dixiecrats southern libertarians are quiet for the most part as well. 


It hurts my soul to see this happen, discourse is something that we are beyond because everyone has been under house arrest solitary confinement masked up and shut up for 15 months and we are all traumatized, and what I am seeing that is good actually people are tired of it and starting to reach out to one another. Most people are decent it’s the extreme 5 percent ON BOTH SIDES that screw things up for all else. We are not islands, we are American’s, we are the melting pot that has been through worse and both sides the upper elite are culling the population. It’s not conspiracy, it’s happening.


Why are people who got the jab dropping dead days later and not being reported on, why is something that is mutagenetic with no test trials being pushed on younger under 12? people when the older one’s over 50 have been found to react better to it?

How about those that had covid 19 in Oct. Nov. and Dec. of 2019 and have animmunity to it? They don’t need the jab. I remember my entire family being dog sick in December of 2019 and we ran fevers but are just fine now. My mom is a nurse got just one covid shot for her job security and hasbeen fine because she had it in Dec. 2019,and she’s not getting any unnecessary ‘boosters.’

What about Pat Robertson, John hagee, Franklem Gram etc. ‘Christian in name only leaders’ saying get the covid shot? Instead of ‘take it to the Lord in prayer, research it and make your own choice between you and God?’ â€

Hello blood clots? Hello people dyeing of covid after the shot? Um, it’s not FDA approved, it’s emergency use for almost a year and a half now, both trump and biden are at fault both pushed through bail outs. No one wants to work, but get bail out funny money that will crash FIEAT paper means nothing, forget parednessness, no one thought to get oh bags of rice, solar generators that are quiet and don’t need gas, bottled water, a reverse water filter system, 15 gallon buckets, EMP proof their homes and cars in a cost affective way, not to hord all this stuff but to help others when the grid does go down because our country has not hardened our grid ever so we as citizens need to get smart and get solutions for where we are at that are practical...No one wants to look for solutions but point fingers and take from others and at the end of that is no one has anything and we kill off each other and yes, eat one another if starvation gets bad enough. Look at history and you’ll find this happen throughout out time when kingdoms and empires rose and fell.

Hello censorship and redefined history. OK then. 


Hello all vitamin shops,mom and pop stores, pharmacies etc. and small businesses being bought up by amazon and a few others to control control control…I could go on, but I believe the human population on BL have good heads their shoulders to critically reason and think. (put on your thinking cap) I’m dating myself but that’s what my teachers used to say all the time.

Blarg, I’ve been off all social media, all news, all of it because it is soul sucking and wastes my time. I want to help others, first myself, then those around me.

Some are stubborn and willfully ignorant people that I’ve come to see don’t want to do any of the above mentioned solutions and will because of their foolishness perish for it. I don’t want that for them but they have made their choice.

The parable of The road to destruction is wide and many there go, but the road to life is narrow and few find it dose not just apply to the afterlife, but to life now as we live it. Choose today what you will do, you’ll be better off doing the hard things now then when it’s too late. 😓

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