Call Your Representatives!

I called Governor Ralph Northam left three messages on his machine. I hold him personally responsible for my awful mental health this year. I’ve also written him a letter as I’ve done many times before. I did also call Bobby Scott in Newport News, VA and left a message with a staffer surprisingly got a positive response from his office.

His staff member said he ‘would uphold the Constitution of the USA’ and that no harm or persecution would come to those who are Christians. I’m going to hold him to his word, or he will be getting a personal visit from me.

I have called Bobby’s office more than once and have had concerns over being someone who has autism and who is suffering because I don’t ‘appear’ to have anything wrong with me.
I won’t be taking a vaccine should it become mandatory, and I sure as hell will starve, be shot or beheaded before I deny Jesus Christ! I will fight for my freedom come what may because greater is Jesus in me than he that is in the world system!

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