You’re Asking

And during the wars, we decided dancing was the better escape then victory on some unknown field.

A world war prior trenches were made consumption overtook us, and we lost our step, our rhythm was off, a march of hile Hitlers instead of passionate one two three fours.

Snapped turned into a world war two fiaschi famengo dance.

Bodies line the streets, these that once passon sucked out of them.

Red lipstick is a females war paint. Beware her charms and her bite.

A painted face can call to righteous war, or can be a seductive blush, red herring.

Meant to draw others into war drum wake.

I dream in black and white, colors are plush and rare in the landscape of my mind.

I see a scarlet chid’s coat, I see painted white ‘keep out’ signs. ‘No Nazeratiens allowed’ ‘Irish need not apply’ ‘Keine Juden erlaubt’ 

For we are just strangers passing through this hell hole. Our home now is in heaven.

We are to Love what God Loves and hate what He hates.

God hates sin, God aphours the proud but gives grace to the humble.

God is oh so very loving God isn’t pigged sloppy grace that is peddled by many behind pulpits.

God is love, He’s also Just. God will return again with a rod of iron and the government shall indeed be upon His Shoulders.

Rulers will crawl to His throne, nations will fall under Him, they will be to give homage to the God of Abraham, Israel, and Jacob.

He is the Son of David, the LION of the tribe of Juda.

He Rores as a procession before His return.

He will make all things right, He will open the books and The Ancient of Days will take a seat on His judicial bench.

Those of us who are His children will have what we’ve done put through the mercy seat fire.

All mankind, women, men young and old slave and free alike have a Devine Court Date with The Almighty.

What will your answer be?

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