My Eyes on Jesus

Sometimes, in fact very often, we must lay down things that tear us away from God. We can choose to run after God or continue to run after what held us back. For myself, it has been hard lately as far as an old friend from what I used to be, contacting them again and just slipping back into old thought patterns.

I knew this person for 10 years, and choosing to put this on the altar of sacrifice is honestly difficult as hell…

I long for and want Jesus more though, and it is worth it…It says ‘what fellowship has light with darkness?’ I am in the world and to pray for others around me, but not spend time with them as far as a friendship goes for if they don’t love the God I am crazy about it’s just not going to work and I end up sacrificing who I am in God. 

I’ve been struggling with lust, but have come to God again and again each time. Each time God has forgiven me, held me, told me He loves me.

That is something that humans will not do, love without conditions attached. And that is why I run back to God.

There is a fight, an all out war and it’s so obvious when I think about it because I’m passionately running after God and that isn’t A-OK with the enemy. (rolls eyes) 

All of this is to say, I’m human imperfect and flawed. But, I get back up I choose to get back up. Sometimes I can’t even do that and just cry out Jesus! Allow Him to carry me through whatever a day or moment holds.

I can choose whatever I want, but when the rubber meets the road I keep running back to God because there isn’t anyone like Him. 

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