Sipping Tea (Thoughts Lately)

So I’m in the process of getting my pre op appointments done and the 11 months of work for the gastric sleeve are now mounting up to a crescendo.

I have a list of things that I’m going to be doing such as sewing, making some music (haven’t written anything in a long while.)

I’ve prepared as much as I can with a lot of information spoken with those who have had the surgery at the support groups. etc.

the thing is the surgery and life after are different for everyone. I know this, and I am up for the challenge. But this will be a huge change, a big one.

Mood swings are not uncommon. I will for the month after surgery stop taking my birth control so as to prevent clotting of the healing stomach pouch. (Q fist period sense age 25 I am 32 now.)

I know it will be worth it, and I am a bit scared but that is not a bad thing. I’d be foolish to think it’d be otherwise.

There is the book knowledge and then there is actually having the surgery done and life after.

But I’ve done my due diligence as best as I’m able. I imagine I’ll be posting more often on WP then I have been.

So as a way to hold myself accountable to the WP community I’ll be honest. It’s all I know how to be is truthful.

the first six weeks will suck big time. The first six months it’ll take before the new stomach is healed.

It’s a bit like when I went to St. Louis to get healing for my self injury three years ago as of this past May 9.

It’s an un-doable push in the right direction regarding my issues with weight loss.

If I’m honest, I struggle with portion control I’m addicted to carbs and I have a ‘work sheet’ of goals to accomplish before surgery and I’m thinking that after the fact will be good as well. I will have to because there isn’t a reversal.

I’m ready and honestly it will be my faith, and my family as well as the support group meetings that are in the weight loss office at one of the conference rooms.

I’ve gotten about half way through the pre-surgery approval appointments and I’m cautiously excited.

Jitters are normal, it’s human. Stay tuned readers for progress as it comes.

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