Take Ownership!

I am thankful that I live in a nation where I am not killed for the faith I have.

I want to visit China again, my heart strings are tethered to that country have been sense 2001.

Firsthand I witnessed some of the most beatific places and people on earth in daily life and so on.

The middle school aged kids were always throwing up the ‘peace’ sign when they took pictures with our team that was there.

It was endearing and so cute.

In recent years my heart has been heavy for the church family in China and especially the area I stayed.

In the US, freedom is taken for granted and the attitude of ‘victim-hood’ is mandatorily forced on the citizens of this land.

Humans have a high tolerance for misery; even when controlled change by a 3/5th s majority of the states to ratify the grievance comes about.

No, we won’t change when perfection and ‘equality’ is strived for when in this world the truth is there will be inequality.

The banner of ‘fair’ is molested for the sake of seizing the office of ‘public servant’ to harass the populace at large.

Statists go under the caption of ‘liberal’ to ‘constative’ none really the name they put fourth but most move in the direction towards totalitarianism.

I do what I can by writing those in power and voting when there is an election.

I’ll be damned if someone tries to keep me from doing so based on a panic or a threat.

They will be met with a stubborn high functioning autistic who isn’t stupid nor backs down and knows basic self-defense in more than one way.

True and lasting change comes when the individuals first in themselves decide ‘you know what, I’m going to be the change for positive’ and don’t take setbacks or ‘no’s’ as an answer.

They become the solution and as more through love of others and basic human decency form a whole that is better than the one before.

All of this is to say, each one of us can choose to stay stuck and a victim sucking at the breast of the problem, or we can choose victory and make a difference for the betterment of all.





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