Christmas 2014 Poem

Mind won’t shut off,

Or rest this night.

Thoughts scattered,

and put to flight.

Events bother,

toss my head.

Shots scatter,

another dead.

Quote scriptures,

to calm my brain.

“Oh Holy Night,’

Down the drain.

10:30 am-tired still,

Drag through day,

half awake-shrill.


Note: With the mind God has given me, when it focuses on the news of the day more or less my thoughts can’t shut off and I am held hostage in my mind over the destruction caused by the enemy. 

For this reason God has been showing me how He turns things meant for evil into good. But I know that I can’t dwell there, it’s not good for my mental and soul state.

We all have areas to stay clear from, this would be mine due to my big heart. Now guarding my heart in the sense of going ‘OK Hannah you’ve had enough of this, watch something funny, go do something for someone else etc.’ 

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