The Story of Me: Part Two

Trapped in the rip current, eyeing aimed at fact. Joy had spent years inside the dark. Her journey into healing came with seven months away, and an expectation of doing business with God.

Seven months with no computer, disconnected with the digital world. Connected to people, and rediscovering herself. “You don’t have to understand it all to receive it all.”

Some of her prayers were flat out cursing God, screaming in tongues at herself and at her thoughts. All contracts with the dark were severed.

It was a time full of light, and amusement. It was also a period of extreme dark, of punishing anguish.

In the years that followed the healing would be seen as self-evident. Others needed curing as well, and that would take time.

Joy was willing and really had no other choice but to allow those that loved her and were injured by her to see what had transformed.

Many apologies were offered, and those around accepted them.

Some people would hurt Joy, and this is when she kissed social media goodbye.

It’s been about a year and six months without Facebook, twitter, and the like.

Joy got rid of her itouch, erased her forum accounts, and made an effort to stop taking the advice of those nameless faceless online unknowns; And start listening to God’s words about her, His truths, His Ways and His life.

Life sense then Joy has attempted to find work, and right from the start it wasn’t to be. She hopes that a current job might come through.

She is tired of taking SSI, she tires of waiting.

Joy has decided to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery. She must stay in the 250’s range with a BMI of 40 so that insurance will cover the operation.

Others tell her ‘she looks fine’ or ‘why do you want to go through with that?’ she’s had time to think long and hard, and working out four times a week but more often than she’d like to admit binging at night the efforts really don’t count.

When Joy was away healing from cutting, she only got down into the 230’s with no food at night and exercise five times a week.

Joy is tired of being over 200 pounds, she tires of being drained after each workout. It’d be nice to feel ‘energized’ as many say they are after their aerobics.

More than this, she desires to be fit in order to live a longer richer life to be there for those that Joy loves.

At this point in the narrative, Joy is now 32 years of age and is ready and quite excited to launch into the rest of her lifetime.

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