God is Calling, Will You Listen?

My Love calls over His Holy Hills, He is up from His Holy Home to greet those who seek the treasures He lavishes on those that have the nerve to ask…

Dad, Father Above, Absence of Conflict, Lord of all things good, Father of lights; I love you so much, but you so much more…

I become misty eyed over your tenderness, over your goodness…This gift is too precious to keep but must be given away, just as you gave it all away to gain it all because of the ‘Joy set before You.’

Oh heavenly Father, from the first breath to the final; you hear my cries, needs, you tenderly watch over me…I lift my eyes to the maker of the Heavens and the keeper of my heart…My love, my loverI am full to overflowing, your mercy is new and reborn again with every cresting sun rise…

You paint the sky’s with  your mercy, with your brilliance…be it the night star showers, red moons of wonder or the clouds with the heaven’s azure sunflower floorboards!

Words cannot describe how great and wonderful you are…I want to share this Love with others and don’t care if I look a fool for doing so in my zeal for You Lord! 

Adonai is Good!

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