Thoughts and a few dares to my readers

Funny how when the sun comes up that my personal outlook changes. Had a heck of an evening last night.

Start off with some worship music and all of a sudden I am filled with the grace of God.

Perhaps the thoughts that are typed out reach some, touch some etc.

I hope they do, I am by far from anything conventional, the more that I see of the world of the ‘now’ around me it’s funny how much some things don’t change. World players do, but the thread of God throughout history has the same formula!

On into the rest of the post: 

Don’t take my word for it, go look through the tomes of history and you will see what I mean.

Actually, get thy self to a library (you know the place with those things called books) and look up topics on ‘moves of God’ or ‘Jewish History’ better yet ‘Messianic Jewish History’ and you will be blown away, in a good way, in an ‘ah-ha’ way, in a way that is ‘whoa this is still going on’ you’d be correct…

Despite all of the drama of history being penned by different people, by victors I can tell you that without theology, etc.

The Bible is the One unified Book that contains enough real accounted for stories of life lived by those that loved, lost, some were vain, some disobeyed God, yet it says ‘all day long I have stretched out my hands to you (Jerusalem) and you killed the prophets I sent to you’ and yet God still loves present, past and future tense…

The great I AM loves every single soul that has passed away, yet to be born, and those that are among the living…

The choice is ours to get to know this Great One spoken of, getting to know that we are being spoken to by the Great I AM! 

It’s so critical to sift through what is garbage and what isn’t junk by the tone of Jesus’s voice…

It’s going to be the subdual things you never thought could take the seat of hearts that cause many to drift…

Add a dash of truth here, cherry pick there, doesn’t sound bad at all? Is it? 

(Question: Good or God?) 

(Better Question: Does this ‘xyz’ line up with Yeshiva (Jesus) being the only way to salvation, the only hope for the world, and the only answer for anything…if the answer is ‘NO’ Paul said that is a sure-fire way to know it isn’t of God; it’s apostasy.)

A War and Wedding Feast will have their place in history, in the near future…

The good thing about not knowing is it sifts away those that are slack in taking God seriously and those that are always at the ready;

Those watchmen and women who sense God’s heartbeat and His Appointed Seasons.

My challenge to the reader is:

I dare you to get to know God,

I dare you to be so on fire, and so sold out for only Him that yes you give up Facebook, Twitter, social media

(I have it was hard as heck, but I did it with God’s help)

Are you willing to give up the idol of ‘what others think about you’ and yield to only what God thinks about you, and says to you?

Are you willing to faithfully spend time, and out of a Love for God to in the places only you and God see and know to get to know Him?

I dare you to: become the generation that walks the thin red line of Yeshua, where angels fear to tread, and walk to the beat of God’s heart, unafraid of the things going on around, of the 10,000 that fall at your side but don’t touch you because you walk with Adonai.

I dare you to: yield to His Mighty comforting hands and wait on Him, to watch Him fight for you. With God’s sword of the truth in one hand and a harp of praise come what may in your other hand!

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