Where are they?

One cohort fades into another, egotistical ‘leave me alone’ indulgent orphan age band; I was born in the ‘grey area years’ 1983 to be exact. The years are three 1980-1983 then it’s labeled the ‘Melimilum Generation.’

Some dub themselves ‘90’s kids’ or ‘80’s kids.’

After the year of 1983 is when the colossal Milimilums came into being the new boomer generation if you will; only they are more of an orphan populace then 40 years prior…

I can’t help but think that there is a ricochet, the contractions being suffered by the infantile are the phantom abbreviations that would have been links in a series that are inhabitants lost.

Perhaps there is such pain because those living don’t want to as a result of killing off those that would have been…

Or abuse their fleshy tissue in one bargain or another for that budding friend on no account gone…

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